X-Men Wolverine DIY Costume

Last Friday, I shared my fun (+ easy) Cyclops Costume.

Today, we're on to Wolverine!


This was a really fun costume to put together. 
 First, like last time I went shopping:

Yellow t-shirt
Blue Sweatpants
Yellow Binding
Wool Felt (gray, blue + red)
Wolverine Mask

And, because, this cute kid kept asking, I started weeks early with THESE Claws.

Last time I made the X-men X's.  
To finish the belt I attached it to a felt blue band and held it in place with velcro.

First thing I did with the shirt was cut off the end of the sleeves to make them much shorter and then re-hemmed them. (this picture is the before).

Then I decided to go the fabric paint + freezer paper route.  Basically I cut out a lot of triangles and a big rectangle.  (I used the very first picture -- left -- as my guide).  I added three layers of fabric paint.  Once the front was dry, I made a fun X pattern on the back.  Once everything was dry I peeled off all the freezer paper.  Lastly, I placed a white towel on top of everything and ironed it all down to set the paint. 

Made for a pretty awesome shirt.  I love the bright colors!

For the pants, I started one night by sitting with my seam ripper in hand, and I pulled off all that side binding, which was just sewn on top.

Then, this cute boy had a preschool party to go to, before I got the yellow binding on.  This is his serious, I am Wolverine face.

 Once he got back from his party, I finished everything up! I marked with chalk where I wanted the yellow binding to go, pinned it in place, then sewed the binding down.

Both boys done, Yeah!
 So much fun.  I love how everything turned out!  And these boys are always appreciative of the work their sewing Mama does for them :)


CreativaCale said…
Great tutorial and simple to make.Thanks
Allyberry08 said…
Where did you get that mask?

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