You may remember last year with just one day to spare, I finished the boys' X-Men costumes. 
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Up first we had:

 When I do Halloween, I love to do homemade sewing, but I also like to take lots of shortcuts.  This year was no exception.  Why drive myself crazy for an outfit worn for mere hours...?

So, using the picture on the upper left as my guide, I went shopping:

Long Sleeve gray shirt
Gray sweatpants
Yellow Bias Tape
Wool Felt (yellow, back + red)
$1 store glasses
red acrylic paint

For the shirt and pants, I outlined with chalk straight lines own the front, to mimic those seen in the official suit.

Then I pinned the bias tape on top of my lines an sewed them in place, folding in and down the ends.

For the belt, I took red felt and pinned and sewed down the bias tape, as pictured.  Then I sewed those X's onto felt belts and added velcro on the back for easy on and off.

Lastly, I picked up some dollar store glasses and painted on red lines.

Put that together and there you have it -- Cyclops!


Come back Monday, where I'll share how I made the Wolverine Costume!


CreativaCale said…
Thanks.Another costumes I see not preety and simple to make like Yours.You are so talent and creative.

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