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August 26, 2013

The Sally Dress

Remember all that fun I was having this summer?  It involved mostly traveling, boating, swimming, being with family, and generally enjoying our vacation.  And as much as I love to sew, there isn't much room for that when the kids are all home and we're traveling all around.

I was, in fact, in northern Wisconsin, at a cabin when I received an email saying that if I wanted I would have the opportunity to test out the new Sally Dress by Lovin' the Mommyhood.  I was still in my swimsuit, and internet reception was spotty -- but after a quick assurance from my Mother in law, that yes, indeed she did have a sewing machine I could borrow, I excitedly replied Yes, I would love to test out the pattern.

I decided that I just had to make it happen -- vacation or not.  On a free evening (with literally 15 minutes until Jo-Anns closed) I ran in the store, grabbed some darling fabric, blue pipping, orange thread and was back out the door -- with two minutes to spare.

Then, that next evening, once all the kids were to bed and my husband and his siblings were playing games, I snuck downstairs, undusted my mother in law's sewing machine, grabbed her kitchen scissors and got to work.   I have to say sewing up this vintage inspired dress, using an actual vintage machine was a bit of a challenge, but also real fun.  I learned a lot about other machines and learned to appreciate my lovely Bernina sitting at home.  I didn't take a picture of her machine, but it looked exactly like Sally Ann's machine (it was even attached to a table). My mother in law was out, of course, the night I decided to start working on the dress, so I had to figure everything out on my own.  

When I was done I gave myself a real pat on the back, both for figuring out the machine and making a lovely dress.

I was as pleased as punch with the result.  The dress is fully lined and has excellent features like large pockets (what little girl doesn't love large pockets?) and includes no zippers or buttons, which always makes it nice for us seamstresses.

Confession, I took this photo, (above and below) after my daughter had worn the dress no less than 5 different times.  It needs to be pressed.  But we're all friends, here, right?  No judging?

Here's the photos I took back at my in-laws home.  Freshly made and pressed.  

So what exactly does a two year old need to carry on those large pockets?

Horses, of course.

This is a lovely dress and is available for purchase HERE.

>> On a side note, you'll notice in all the above picture my girl does not have any shoes on, at that point of the vacation her dress shoes were left at the cabin and we were back in the city.  Thus the no shoes.  The next day I was over at Target and picked some up for her.  Umm, just wanted to say, she does typically wear shoes.<<


Very Shannon said...

Thank you so much again for all of your help! Love how yours turned out! xoxo

Teresa said...

I love the addition of the piping! Your dress looks great!

Unknown said...

How cute! I'd love for you to link it up on my blog for my DIY Weekend link party.


Anonymous said...

Adorable dress! I like the orange and floral fabrics! Really cute. I also like pockets on dresses.

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Very cute! You did a fabulous job!
Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your Sally dress! I just love the orange bodice and the addition of the piping, it looks fab.

I made two sleeveless Sally dresses but I have plans to make a third with short sleeves :-)