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August 16, 2013


I'm a creator.

I love to create things, out of other things.

I do this with music, singing, whistling, playing an instrument, humming along to songs.

I do this when baking-- taking that flour and whatever else I've got laying around and whipping them up into edible, delicious food.

I do this with sewing.  Right now sewing takes up most of my creativity.  I have done more sewing these past five years than I have in my life.  It's relaxing, challenging, rewarding, and just plain fun.  And when that thing that I've created gets worn or used, I get thrilled.

Wonder where I got all this creativity?

My parents.

Today I recieved a lovely gift box of handmade items from my parents.  They were lovely and I enjoyed unwrapping each one so much.

First I pulled out this wooden dowel.  Which might look ordinary to some, but it's actually a replacement piece for the wooden dowel I burnt off my cast iron aebleskiver pan.  
(Note to sell, do not store pan, under oven in drawer, it will burn up.)  
Even though it was made 1,500 miles away, it fits a charm and looks far more beautiful than the first.

Up next in my cute package were these fun knit items.

Hand knit wash rags.

This Crazy bird -- I totally needed that.

And 2 out of 3 Juggling Balls.  You see my Mom recently took up knitting-- which she loves.  However her wrist is not loving all the new strain that knitting requires-- so ball three will come when her wrists heal up.

And lastly, this beautiful dress: 

She made it following this darling tutorial from Molly's Sketchbook

My Mom said she couldn't resist the hand embrodery and just had to try it.

We love it, it's so cute...there is however, one teeny problem...

It's a wee bit too small in the head area.  
(Again, this was made 1,500 miles away-- so no measuring could be done.)

But I love it and with a little bit of work (maybe button on the sides) it'll be great.

Thank you, parents.  A box full of handmade gifts-- nothing better.

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