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August 20, 2013

A New Blankie

With the birth of each of my children I always get excited to sew them lots of things.  
One thing I insist on is there very own large blankie.

I purchased this material for baby about a month or two before she was born.  But the way I make them is to place the cotton material on top of the minky, measure a million times, and pin everything to pieces before I sew it up.  80 % of this blankie's work is done on the floor.  And being a 7 - 8 months along pregnant woman (not to mention I am -- cough, cough -- getting older) sitting on the ground, measuring, and pinning does not do well to my old, awkward, pregnant body.  

So once I came home with the material, even though I had grand visions of getting that blankie sewn before she was born, there it layed upon my sewing pile for the next 10 months.  Finally last week I decided no new sewing projects could be done until I finished all the ones sitting on top of my pile.  
This one was on the top. 

It's a real fun, quick sew.  I'm not sure why I waited until she was 8 months to complete it.  But, you know how these things go. 

And do you recognize that dress?  I made it for her sister a long time ago.  But I made it way too small for her.  So when I packed it I placed it in the 6 - 9 month clothing, instead of the 12 month box.

It fits baby much better!


It's almost impossible to take a bad shot of this girl.  She is always happy and lovely.

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