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August 12, 2013

How to make Easy Fake Plant Arrangements

My husband is super thrilled to be starting a new job this fall teaching at Indiana University.  We've been excitedly moving him into his new office-- which is fantastic except the 100% cinder block walls -- which are very, very white.

So, we're slowly working on sprucing up the place.  First, we've decided to start with plants-- fake ones since he has no windows.

We really lucked out Saturday when we went fake plant shopping.  We decided to go to Hobby Lobby (I'd remembered seeing them there when I was fabric shopping there in the past).  There were lots of options for plants already made, ranging in price from $60 - $200.  I couldn't believe how expensive they were.

Then I noticed all the fake plants and the pots were all 50% off -- Score.  I decided to try my hand at fake plant arranging. I remembered my mom doing a bit of this growing up.  So I decided to wing it.

I bought all of the below for less than the price of one, already made arrangement.

I figured out two good ways to make the arrangements.

First, I cut the green foam to the right dimension.  This stuff gets everywhere so be sure to cut it over the trash.  Then I just took the whole arrangement and stuck it in the foam, twisting straight down.  Turned out great!

For my second plant I took the arrangement out of the plastic base, holding it all together.

Then I individually placed each section, starting at the middle going out.

For my third plant I did a combination of both steps.

If these plants were going to be at eye level I probably would have put synthetic moss on the top to add to their realness.  But since they were going up high, I didn't bother.

Yesterday we placed the plants in their new home.

Before/ After


After the plants we placed his diplomas and awards using these cool command strips.

Lastly we hung this white buffalo painting that I bought my husband a couple of Christmases ago.  A favorite in our home that was always intended for his office-- I miss it.

Stage 1 of operation: decorate office -- complete.

Now on to stage two.

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