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August 8, 2013

Back To School

We celebrated our annual Back to School Night party a couple nights ago.  Yes, we're back in school already.  

We started the festivities with homemade pizzas, everybody helped make their own section of their pizza just the way they liked it.

Oh and don't worry, Dad wasn't left out.  We made him a gluten + dairy free pizza using Pamela's bread mix for the crust, gluten free pepperoni, and my homemade cheese made out of macadamia and pine nuts.

Can you tell which pizza's his?
Answer: On the right.

During dinner we talked about my son's goals and wrote them on note cards all over the table.

His goals varied from : -- Read 20 minutes every night-- to -- Make 4 new friends by September.  All great goals.

We had a really nice night together getting ready for school, celebrating education, and enjoying our family dinner together.

The next morning our son was well rested, happy, and ready for his first day of second grade.  After we dropped him off, we met up with some friends at the park to play and celebrate the kids returning to school.  It was a great day, we Love School!

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