Quiet Book Round-up

Firstly...I'm dedicating this week to QUIET BOOKS.

I decided to start make a quiet book in October so I'd have plenty of time to work on it before Christmas.

Good news.

I got it done.

Bad new.

The October I was referring to was 2009.

Yes, friends, it took me 3 years technically to get this project completed.

But-- that three years does not accurately reflect the amount of time I honestly put into it.

It was one of those projects that I would work on, have tons of fun-- get burned out on-- forget about...then return to when I remembered it again several months (years) later.

When I started this project I remember as clear as day my husband asking me, "Is this one of those huge projects you're going to start-- run out of time and never finish?"

"No, I'll finish it.  I'll have plenty of time."

Ha, hah, guess I proved him wrong.

Anyways, before I share my completed book, I wanted to share with you where I got my inspiration from:

1. Homemade by Jill.  Love her blog.  Love her book. 

2. The Crafting Chicks. Book One.

3. The Crafting Chicks.  Book Two. I also referred to this Quiet Book.

4. A Million Little Things. She has made a lot of quiet books.  All beautiful.

5. Little Hands Big Work. 

Aren't these fun?  Don't you feel inspired to make one now?


Big D and Me said…
I feel inspired but then I remember the 3 years and think, uh no. I think that's such a fun gift to give
Anna said…
They are so much work right?! And I can totally relate to the surges of fun followed by burn out. I'm currently in a burn out phase myself.
Thanks for including my quiet book. :)
i wonder how long it will take me to finish mine. . . .i have some pieces of felt and a few bookmarks & pins. I went the easy route this year and did the abc printable version. One day I'll make a 'real' one, maybe three years from now??

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