Mud Room Lockers.

Did you know I have 4 sisters?
I'm the youngest.
Yep, I do. I also have a brother-- though he's not pictured. 
 Here we are today. (Still the youngest) I'm second from the right.'s post is featuring my lovely oldest sister.  I was born ten years after this sister and when we talk about our childhoods it becomes very apparent that we grew up in different generations. When I was getting ready to be baptized, she was leaving for her freshman year at BYU.

However, as we've gotten to know each other and form our friendships as adults we've found that we have so much in common and now we're really good buddies.  

This is Freshly Completed's first guest post-- by my sister.  I asked her to share her amazing Mud Room Lockers with us.  Take it away, sis'.

A few years ago, we were getting ready to build a house.
We designed our house and I was especially excited about the "Mud Room" that was going to have ten built-in lockers.  You know it's important to keep your "mud" in a locker.

Then, we didn't build the house for reasons that still give me hives when I think about them.
 We bought a house instead. 
 A house that I really, really, really love.
But there's no mud room.

Shortly after moving into this house, we found some neato old school metal lockers at DI.
I quickly put them on my "To Do" list.
I planned to paint them and make our own little mud room in the corner of our garage by the back door.

Then, two years passed.
That's the usual going rate for accomplishing things on my To Do list.

One day I woke up and thought to myself, "Self, this is the week to do the lockers!"
So, I did.

I originally planned to spray paint the lockers.  But they're so big and sometimes it's hard to contain spray paint, so I painted them with a new product from Glidden called Glidden Trim and Door Paint.
Glidden Trim & Door Extra High Gloss with Gel-Flow Technology
It's a really thick gel type paint and it's oil based. 
Oil based paint is a big pain to deal with and clean up, but since I was painting on metal I decided to try it.

It worked really well.  I was happy with the results, except for the side of the big locker on the left.
I was running out of paint and decided it wouldn't matter because the sides weren't going to show....then we changed the layout.  Maybe someday I will get motivated to buy more paint and touch up that side.....or maybe not. 

I added a rug and a bench that's been sitting in our basement and now I have my mud roomcorner, spot.

Bring it on.

This project turned out so awesome!  I love it.  Thanks for sharing, sister!


KT said…
So that's it huh. You just go and post that right up there on your famous blog? Is that pay back for posting the "post-baby" sisters picture? I see how it is.

Great post. Awesome lockers. Nice job sistas.
Big D and Me said…
I would love a set of those lockers at my house - we don't have a designated mudroom either but these are great - well done!
Oh i love that you have 4 sisters too!!! oh, that melts my heart! and great project!
Unknown said…
I love this idea! It turned out great! I'm your newest follower from the happy hour projects party. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too!
Maydijo said…
I love the lockers and have locker envy. I have a couple of ideas for the ugly side (yeah, I know, unsolicited advice from a stranger, that's not why the internet was created!) Why not try blackboard paint (although I'm not sure how well that would go on a metal surface that was painted with an oil-based paint); alternatively, you could get some corkboard and glue that on the surface.

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