Family Tree Page Quiet Book Tutorial

I did 12 pages for my Quiet Book.  Most of them are self-explanatory so I didn't do a tutorial.

However, I really had a lot of fun making my Family Tree page, so I made this tutorial.

I got the idea for this tree from A Million Little Things.

1. Fabric (3 different green patterns, and one brown pattern)
2. Cotton
3. Felt (green and red)
4. vinyl
5. velcro
6. Small pictures of your family

STEP ONE: Cut out the fabrics to make the background of page. 
Cut out the shape for the tree trunk.

STEP TWO: Cut out all the leaves to make the top of the tree.

STEP THREE: Sew down the background green fabrics.

STEP FOUR: Sew on the brown tree trunk.  
While sewing down leave a gap open to fill with a little cotton. Then continue sewing the tree trunk down.

STEP SIX: Place and pin leaves onto felt, for the top of the tree. 
Cut out the felt for the treetop shape.

STEP SEVEN: Sew leaves onto felt, going around each leaf.  
Trim off extra felt.
When completed, sew tree leaves onto page.  Sew around the bottom (only half way).

STEP EIGHT:  Cut out felt apples.
Cut out small pictures.
Glue pictures onto felt.
Place vinyl on top of apple.

STEP NINE: Sew vinyl onto apple.
It was really hard to sew the vinyl onto felt, so I had to do most of the work with the hand knob.
Trim off extra vinyl.

STEP TEN: Decide where the apples should go. 
Glue one dot for each velcro piece.

STEP ELEVEN: Place glue on the back of apples.
Place one velcro piece for each.

STEP TWELVE: Place velcro in place to close the tree pocket.
When not in use apples can stay behind the tree.

STEP THIRTEEN: Place apples around tree.  

This is how to make the Family Tree page.  
Tomorrow I'll be sharing  how to bind all the pages.


Anna said…
Quiet books are so much work, this looks great!

Thanks for linking to my old blog post about the family tree page, it is one of my favorites.

Hope your kiddos appreciate all the work!

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