How to Bind Your Quiet Book Pages

If you missed my other pages dedicated to Quiet Books, here they are:

Now we're on to binding my pages.  
Once I had all my pages completed I had to decide how I was going to bind them together.

I had decided early on that I should make the pages removable, so the book could be taken apart and shared with siblings and I could add to it as time went on.  
So the best approach I could think of to do this was to invest in Grommets.

I bought two different types.

1. A kit with small grommets and pliers from JoAnns

2. And a kit with larger ones from Roberts (which doesn't exist anymore-- boo-hoo).  
But here's something like what I purchased from Amazon.

1. Completed Quiet book pages
2. Grommet pliers
3. Grommets
4. Felt

STEP ONE:Once all the pages are completed, pin them together with right sides facing each other.

STEP TWO: Sew around three of the sides leaving the side where the felt binding is going to be open.
Warning: Don't sew part of your page into the seams.
Flip pages right side out.

STEP THREE: Cut felt so that there is enough to be folded on each side.

STEP FOUR: Pin and sew first side of the felt.

STEP FIVE: Fold down the top of the felt- pin.  Fold the rest of the felt in half on the sides- pin.

STEP SIX: Sew around the entire felt binding.

STEP SEVEN: Using the grommit pliers, make two holes into the felt where the grommets will be placed.

Because these pliers are meant for much smaller grommets than I was using, I widened the hole with my scissors.

These are the tools that I bought in the kit from Roberts (plus a lot more grommet rings).

The order to placing things is:
1. whatever that thing is
2. that grommet
4. Next grommet
5. Umm, that thing
6. Hammer or Mallet.

STEP EIGHT:  Bang, Bang, hammer it all together until the grommets are all stuck together.

STEP NINE: All done, so simple, yet professional looking.

Please stay tuned for Tomorrow, where I'll share the Completed Book!


Can't wait.

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Katie said…
I need to make my youngest his soon! Thanks for the tute! You should join me in Handmade 52!
Carrie said…
Looks amazing. I love handmade books, yours looks beautiful! Found you through Freestyle Friday. :-)
Unknown said…
Wow! Your work is really fantastic! It takes a lot of artistic patience to create such wonderful piece like that! But I think you can create more of this by using digital arts. You can make patterns and embellishments in a matter of minutes.

Madeleine Truman

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