Birthday Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

A week and a half ago we celebrated my dear husband's birthday.

I wanted to plan something fun and low key.  We went out the night before and had a wonderful date and J mentioned that on his birthday he just wanted to stay home and be with the family.

Lucky for him, staying home and being with the family is my specialty!

But I wanted to put a little creativity in there, I planned a rhyming scavenger hunt to find all his presents in the morning.

After breakfast was done, we had One present wrapped up on the table for him.

He and the boys put together the puzzle.  Wasn't that nice that I only picked a 48 piece puzzle and not 1,500 pieces?

Once they finished the puzzle they flipped it over so they could read the first clue.
Here's the rhymes I wrote for J to read and discover.  In almost all the places there was a little present hiding with his clue.

To begin your search it’s quite simple you see
Start at the beginning where ‘A’ meets ‘P’.
This is a reference to a sign in our home.  

Go to the place where the green leaves grow
Down to the floor where they grow some mo’.
Not my best rhyme, but this is our plant that grows down to the ground.

Next journey to the place where books are found
It’s not in this room where the books are around.
The boys bookshelf.
This place holds cereal that we eat in the morn’
Better go quick or you might get forlorn.
Cereal Shelf. 

After breakfast is through it is commonly seen
That you enter this room to get thoroughly clean.
The bathroom, behind the soap. 

Now it is time to check the books not too far
This time I refer to boy with the Scar.
 Harry Potter Book.

You’re almost done just two more to go
Look in the spot where we ready for snow.
 Winter Hats and Scarfs closet.

Okay, you’re quite close in a drawer you shall find
A place where the silverware rests quite sublime.
 The silverware drawer. 

Ah-hah, you are cleaver your last present you’ll reap
If you look under the place where we oft’ go to sleep.

Under our bed.

Here he is searching for all his clues and presents.

J thought the rhyming scavenger hunt was very fun.  He found each of the clues really fast-- next year I'll have to make them harder.

My 5 year old has already told me he wants a scavenger hunt to find his presents on his next birthday.

Once the presents were all opened it was time for a--

Even little sister gets in on the action.  

Her specialty is chewing up bullets and stuffing them in the guns.

It was a lovely day!


this is so fun I hope you'll add it to my link party over at
KT said…
look at you all rhymey. I'm impressed! :)
Big D and Me said…
love love love this idea - so smart!
Unknown said…
That is one creative party! I’m sure that your husband and kids had a great time looking for the gifts. But what I loved the most are the rhymes. I must say you have a knack for words, and you are very clever to use the stuff in your house as reference. I will definitely use this idea for my son’s birthday party!

(Rosalinda Hone)

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