Sweetheart Sweatshirt Refashion

This week's challenge for Project Run & Play is a REFASHION.  I knew just the thing.  I had this gray sweatshirt for my 5 year old son, but realized it was too small for him.  I knew with a little work it'd be just right for my younger daughter.

When brainstorming ideas I decided to add a Valentine's day spin on it-- 'tis the season.

Here's how I made it:

1. Print off Heart Page HERE
2. Freezer paper
3. Red and White fabric paint
4. Embroidery thread
5. Shirt or sweatshirt

STEP ONE:  Print off heart and trace onto freezer paper.  Line sweatshirt with a brown bag or newspaper.

 STEP TWO:  Cut out heart out of the freezer paper.  Iron centered on sweatshirt in place.  Place stencil in place, iron down for 30 seconds.  Remove the inside heart.

STEP THREE:  Paint your heart.  I was going for an ombre effect.  So I had dark red on top, then added white with each layer going down.

I added three coats.  Repeating the process and waiting about an hour between each coat.

STEP FOUR:  After completely dry, remove freezer paper and iron down with a towel on top for 30 seconds.

STEP FIVE:  With embrodery thread make x's going around the heart.  I started with light pink at the bottom, changing threads darker as I went up.

STEP SIX:  Now onto the sewing.  I cut off the sleeves and resewed the middle to narrow the tummy part.

STEP SEVEN:  To make the neck thinner I just folded it to the inside, pinned it all down and zig zagged it down.

STEP EIGHT:  I wanted shorter, girlier sleeves, so I cut out a chunk in the middle and reattached the sleeve ribbing.

 All Done!

Again, here's all the changes I made.  Simple things to make it so cute.

Why, hello there, sweetheart.

Something about this photo below I am just really drawn to.  She looks so sad, but she's not.  And you can see baby's head photobombing at the very bottom-- ha, ha.

A perfect shirt for Valentine's Day!


jacq said…
the changes to the neck and arms make such a difference.
very cute.
jessilong said…
My sister and I had matching sweatshirts like this when I was a kid. I think I wore it till the sleeves were too tight to fit my arms through. No hand embroidery or puff sleeves though, this is adorable.
Our daughters would look so cute together with their giant hearts!
workpraysew said…
Very cute shirt now and your daughter is adorable. I love the look on her face.
Paisley Roots said…
Such a fun outfit for Valentines day! Love her smile with it!
marnae said…
Love how you altered the neck--it makes it so much more feminine. Great job!
Absolutely love the ombre heart! We made some red hearts too in our sew along refashion. You can see it here: http://skirtfixation.com/2014/01/childs-leather-jacket-made-leather-skirt/
Annie said…
Very cute! The hand stitches are lovely details!
Unknown said…
Gotta love some hand embroidery!! Cute look....and such a subtle detail of the ombre....
Emily Thompson said…
very cute! Just shortening the sleeves made such a difference. I love this week's challenge. I also linked up;o) a recycled sweater! Emily@nap-timecreations.com
Hanna Caldwell said…
This little sweatshirt is simply adorable! Not to mention your cute daughter modeling it :) I want to make one for mine now before Valentines! You also have such a cute blog in general! I love it so much we nominated it for a Liebster Award. You can get more details here: http://www.stripesandpolkadotsblog.com/2014/02/the-liebster-award.html
Unknown said…
That turned out adorable...Love it!!
Unknown said…
Very adorable remake and your daughter is very sweet! My daughter has a similar shirt and she LOVES it.

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