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January 10, 2014

Printable Valentines for Sell!!

Remember the Star Wars Valentines I made last year?

Well, literally the day before Valentine's Day I decided to make these.

And they were super fun.

Well, we've had some free time on our hands this winter break since the POLAR VORTEX (intense, huh?) entered our part of the country.  Thus my boy had three extra days of no school.  So with that extra time we started thinking about some new valentines we wanted to make early this year.  

We had so much fun last time we knew we wanted to make more.  
The trouble was narrowing down what to do?

Well, why make one set of Valentine's Day cards when you can make....7?

I decided to go all out and put these in my shop, but here's a preview of some of the cards I made to give you an idea:

Up first and probably my favorite are the Peg People Avengers that I painted two years ago.

 Then we have some real Action Figure Avengers.

Then I made some cards using these cute squishy dinosaurs.

Then for my Hot-Wheel-Loving younger son, I made these Hot Wheel Valentine's Day Cards.

Next up some Transformer Valentines.

It was then that I realized that everything I was making was very boy dominated.  So I decided to make some cute girl cards, too.  Enter, these adorable Little People Valentines.

Up last I used these darling Zoo puzzle pieces to make my last valentines.

Pretty darn cute Valentine's Day Cards, right?

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The Wearwithal said...

such a cute idea!