Monthy Baby Photos-- ideas and tips.

I'm excited to share with you something I've been working on for the last year.


You've probably seen this idea all over the web...well, there's a good reason-- It's a GREAT idea.  Babies grow into toddlers way too fast.  This is my fourth baby and the time has flown by in a blink of an eye.

Knowing how quick these things go I decided this time I'd better document how quickly my baby grows.

Here's some useful tips:

1. Pick a date/place/location/prop that you can easily repeat each month.
I decided to do in front of my chalkboard so I could write three things that she had learned to do during that month.  I placed her rocking chair on top of a larger chair, with a blanket behind it.  This location was close to our big window so I was able to let in lots of natural light.

2. Be consistent-- pick a date that you will take your picture each month that you'll remember.
I chose to take her photo on the same day as her birthday each month. During the summer months we missed a few of the exact days, since we were gone.  But as soon we we returned it was the first thing I did.

3. Take lots of photos. 
 I took tons of pictures both far away and up close.  
**See the up close photos located below.  
Of course I wanted her to smile but it was also fun seeing her clap her hands or wave at me.

4. Pick something simple for baby to wear.
I choose a white onesie.  We have many of those in all sizes.  I thought it was fun to do her last shoot with a long sleeve white shirt to show how mature she is now.

** Here's my favorite close up photos.

I love this idea and am so glad I was able to document these precious moments of my dear baby growing a little bit each month.


Unknown said…
What a sweet series of photos! Great tips!

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