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January 23, 2014

Crochet Owl Hat

I made something the other day(s).  It was one of those projects that I started and stopped a lot-- which was kind of nice.  Usually it's very hard for me to stop a project.  But this one I would work on whenever I had free time and we were sitting around.

I decided to make an owl hat for my 3 year old.

I looked at two useful patterns one from Repeat Crafter Me and one from Daisy Cotton Patterns.  Both, probably very helpful-- the problem is I can't follow crochet patterns.  When I see directions like "*1 HDC in the next stitch, 2 HDC in the next stitch* around. (18) " my whole insides twist and my brain starts taking over convincing me, "Oh, don't try to understand that-- that's just crazy talk.  Plus, they want you to count and keep track-- where's the fun in that?"

So as usual-- I skipped trying to follow any patterns...and did my own thing.

The result?  It was a very fun project-- though maybe not as professional as it would look if I would have followed a pattern.

We went outside for a quick "photo shoot" in our freshly fallen snow from last night.

My girl's a natural.

After-- we came back inside and put on all her snow equipment and she and brother played outside this morning until they were too cold to stand it (about a half an hour).

Fun project, the boys are requesting Monster Hats now...I'm sure I can make something up for them, too.


annie said...

You are so funny! I agree, crochet patterns are the WORST! I'm pretty sure you have to have a PHD from Harvard in crocheting, to understand them. And, I do not.

Melissa said...

Cute hat! I can't do something like that with or without a pattern. Have fun with the monster hats - fun idea!

KT said...

Hilarious. Also, super impressed you did that without a pattern. What the what?? I couldn't even imagine how to begin....with a pattern!!!

Lisa Acevedo said...

I love this hat and can't imagine how you did it without a pattern. I used to feel the same way about reading patterns. The only way I could make anything with a pattern is if my mom taught me then I would just memorize the steps. Lately though I have taken her advice and just did one step at a time. Trying to read thru the whole pattern first would make my head explode. This one step at a time method has actually helped me make two projects start to finish without any help from mom. Hopefully
This helps if you ever want to tackle a crochet pattern.