Superhero girl!

Guess what?  Somebody just joined the superhero club in this family!

I started the tradition of making a super hero cape for each child in the family when they turn 3.

This little girl was no exception.

In fact, she's been wearing her brothers' capes for the past year. 

I did make a teeny upgrade and added some "super hero bracelets" which have been a big hit.  This girl loves to accessorize.  If you ask her to show you to moves she twirls her fists around as fast as can be and ends with one fist in the air.

Fierce, I know. 

One side of the cape is batman (with a pink background) and the other side is Super E.

 And now the Superhero Squad all together!!
(notice how she watches her brothers to get the good moves?)

And Somebody (I won't say who) couldn't find his Super J mask, so he decided to become Super Wolf.


Tessie said…
These are adorable! Love the girl power!
I'm so glad you posted this! I wanted to make both my girls super hero capes for Christmas since my 2 year old keeps saying she's super Kami! Thanks for the tutorial!
You're welcome. I'd love to see how it turns out when you're done!

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