How to make Super Hero Masks in under 10 Minutes

The kids were bored the other day and I needed a quick activity for them to do so they could entertain themselves.  My sweet little girl gave me the idea for the project as she informed me that she was Spider-man.

Suddenly I dropped everything I was doing and was drawing superhero masks for my little ones on our paper plates.  I just typed in the super hero + masks and looked at google images to sketch these out.

Then I let the kids color them.  This cute boy requested Wolverine.

All done coloring.

While contemplating the best way to attach these little masks I suddenly remembered my elastic thread and knew that would work great.

After cutting out the masks I punched a teeny hole using a pin.

Then I strung the elastic thread through the mask.

I wrapped it around twice, so it would be a little stronger for their heads.

And now I have some happy little Super Heroes who are happily playing and are no longer booooored.

Everybody trying on the Hulk mask cracked me up.



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