Easy 5 minute "My First Tooth" Pillow

I was finishing up my sewing for the day last week when my son came home from school and burst in my room, excitedly and showed me he finally had lost a tooth.  This 7 1/2 year old has been waiting a loooong time.  Knowing that he got that tooth after his 1st birthday, I knew it was going to be a long time for it to fall out.


Well, despite my "being done sewing for the day" I decided I could spare 5 more minutes and sew up a super quick tooth pillow for my cute son. 

Here's how I made it.

1. White fabric (I used quilted cotton-- you could also use felt)
2. Sturdy felt
3. Cotton
4. Print out of Tooth Pillow Pattern.

STEP ONE:  Cut out felt and white fabric following the Tooth Pillow pattern.  Cut out two felt pieces of the square felt and two white tooth pieces

STEP TWO:  With right sides together, place the tooth pieces together and sew around it leaving 1" open.  Flip right side out and press with iron.

STEP THREE:  Sew tooth onto one piece of felt making the pocket.  Close up the gap.

STEP FOUR:  Place the back of the felt piece together with the top piece.  Sew around pillow.  Stop about 2 " from the bottom -- stuff with cotton.  Finish sewing the pillow closed.

5 minutes later-- that's it!

Now if you think baby teeth are kinda gross you'll insist that the tooth must be kept in a baggie for the Tooth Fairy.


You don't want your new special My First Tooth Pillow getting all dirty, do ya?


Well, come morning if she likes your tooth and it's clean you'll get a nice reward -- $1.  Wow, this fairy has really upped the interest.  It was a quarter in my day.

This tooth pillow is about to get a work out-- I foresee lots of lost teeth in the future.


KT said…
Yay W! Finally! Happy for you! And cute pillow! :)
Emily Thompson said…
adorable! I love the boy look! My son is anxiously waiting for his first tooth to fall out :o) A friend of his lost his bottom teeth so he thinks its his turn :o) emily@naptimecreations.com

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