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May 21, 2013

The Bib Mat


Bibs made out of dish towels are my absolute favorite.  Mostly I love them because little kiddos can't take them off (too easily).  I also love that they're super large and can catch all the little crumbs and protect the clothing underneath.  We always like our bibs to stay up, on top of the table, instead of tucked down in.  This helps so all the crumbs aren't falling down on the lap.

I was just getting ready to make some new bibs when I saw this post from Made.  She turned some vintage place mats into bibs.  Fabulous idea and she has a great tutorial for you to follow.

I grabbed a set of four bibs from Target and some ribbing from JoAnns.

I took her pattern and enlarged it for my sweetie's larger head.  Basically you just want to make sure your cut out fits over baby's head, to get the correct size.

Then I cut out my ribbing and sewed them onto my dish towels

It was a really quick, easy project.  And if you have a messy eater, I highly recommend them!

As we were sitting together for lunch, my husband was commenting how these towels are a lot larger than the last ones I made.  He told me, "It looks like a bib place mat-- like a bib mat."  Thus the name was born.  And, yes, he wants full credit for the name.

Before Lunch.  Yum, yum. 

After, crumbs perfectly captured. 

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Lisa said...

Haha, genius! Such a fun idea! My kid would probably fling the whole thing so the food would go flying :)