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May 20, 2013

My Sweet Garden

One month ago we planted a garden.  It was so lovely to explain this gardening concept to our children.  They, of course loved it and it was so fun for each member of the family to do their part.

One week later it began to poke up and show it's little planty heads.

Then my dear husband built me two garden boxes.  I love them.

Last week our little sprouts were ready to plant.

So what have we got in there?

As you can see we still have a few things left to plant.  We also got that blue box from my son's school.  His class was doing a plant unit and asked for volunteers to take the seeds home.  We volunteered and are excited to add them to our garden.

And to my utter joy yesterday I was able to go out and pick fresh cilantro for dinner.

 Ahh, garden, you will be enjoyed immensely.

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