Printable Star Wars Valentines

Yesterday my 1st grader asked what the plan was for making Valentines Day cards.  I told him we were gonna buy some dumb ones, because I didn't feel like making them.  He told me he really wanted to make some star wars cards for his classmates.  I wasn't in the mood...yesterday.

I honestly don't know what changed, but I woke up today feeling like making Valentines Day cards.  I suppose he got the wheels turning and really, that's all it takes. He and I discussed what he'd like on them, and I've been working on them today while he's been at school. Once he gets home he'll address them and get them all ready for school tomorrow.

Here's my project for today:

Here's a look at the cards I made this morning using my son's toys. 

Click HERE for your own free PDF file of this Stars Wars Valentines page.

Here's a closer look.

Once we printed these cards out (printed on photo paper) we thought it'd be really fun to add glow sticks for light sabers.  The cards look great with or without the glow sticks. But we already had them on hand, so I thought, why not?

Once my boy got home he ran in to meet me, so excited asking, "Did you get my cards ready?  Can I see them?"  He was so thrilled with them.

After his homework I had him get them all ready. He carefully choose who should get each card.  He mostly gave all the girls the Luke Skywalker cards, because he thought they would like the "love" one with the handsome boy on it-- ha, ha.
I used the exacto knife to make the slits in the cards for the glow sticks.  I also put the sticks in, since we didn't want them to pop. He added the glow stick holders.

And for those none light sabers guys, we just added the sticks in the corners.  

All bagged up and ready to go.  He was super excited to go to school tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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KT said…
Whoa! Awesome! Very well done. . . I bet W is thrilled! I will have to show these to my kiddos....
Nicole said…
love these! i'm putting them on all of my coworkers desks tomorrow :) thanks!!
These are just adorable! A little boy's dream valentine! Thank you for sharing at MOnday funday!
Mandy Hank said…
Super cute! I love the R2D2- makes me giggle.
Unknown said…
My son and I made some that were very similar. I found them online. They were all the same, I like how yours have catchy phrases! Very cute!
L-O-V-E these!! My kiddos (& hubby ;)) are crazy about star wars! My oldest daughter was Princess Leia for halloween this year. :o) Wish I'd seen these in time for Valentine's Day, but will pin for the next! ;) Thanks a bunch for sharing your awesomeness! ;*)

Nicole said…
Darling!! Just what I need for my son's class. Thank you! :)
tchrtiff said…
I just found this post when searching for Star Wars Valentines for my son. This year the students are not able to give candy with their valentines so this will be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your printable!

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