Forget-Me-Knot shoes

My dear baby was blessed in our Church this past Sunday.  

And despite the fact that her dress was long, long, super long (which I love) I wanted her to wear matching baby shoes.

So the day before I sat down and sewed these adorable Forget-Me-Knot shoes found on the Shwin & Schwin blog.

The pattern was real simple and I enjoyed making them.  I did, however, have one problem.  They wouldn't stay on her feet more than 2 second.  I knew they needed to be much more tight, to stay on.

Enter Elastic thread.

I decided to sew all around the top of the shoe, plus add another strip right around the back of the shoe.

Then I got the shoes a teeny bit wet and ironed them to shrink the elastic up. 

This cinched the shoes right up.  They stayed perfectly on baby's feet now.

Beautiful shoes, baby....which nobody saw.


Elise Engh said…
Those are beautiful! Your little one looks darling in them. What a great idea to use elastic thread. I wouldn't have thought of that.
Susannah said…
Those shoes are darling! It doesn't matter that they weren't seen then. What's important is that they were what you wanted. :-)
Melissa said…
I love the shoes. Great pictures!! :)

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