Pick Your Plum Goodies

Waaaay back in October I entered a contest for Halloween Costumes called the Masquerade Ball.  It was really fun to see the other ideas-- and SCORE I won second place with the Woodsman, Red Riding Hood, Wolfie outfits.  

Which I meant a couple weeks ago I got this awesome Fat Quarter Bundle, which I love.

I also won a $25 Pick Your Plum Goodie Box.

Yesterday it came. 

 I was so excited to open it, thinking I'd seeing maybe 1 or 2 cool things.  

Check out my goodie box. 

I couldn't belive how much was in there.

There were things to Wear: 

Things to use in the Kitchen:

And Things to Craft with:

Doesn't that seem like a Lot?  I couldn't believe all the super amazing, fun things I was gifted.
It was so awesome.  Thanks, Pick Your Plum.

Oh and the owl hat?  a..wee bit big but this cute girl will be wearing it lots in the coming up months.


KT said…
Wow, that's amazing! How wonderful!

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