How to Make a $1 Baby View Mirror

This is actually my second attempt at a Baby View Mirror.  My last one was a great starting out point...but the design was a little flawed and it didn't hold up over time. The main problem, using hot glue, which came off in the hot sun.  The other problem was using clips that weren't adjustable or flexible.

So I'd been thinking about how to improve this project for a while now (since I've got a newborn in the car again and I want one).  And I've made a new mirror.  Much better, I might add.  I got all the kinks worked out and this one works like a dream.

Here's how to make your own.

1. Dollar Store mirror
2. Fabric
3. Felt
4. Elastic
STEP ONE: Buy a Dollar Store Mirror and clip off the handle.
We were thinking we'd saw it off, but my husband just grabbed some gardening clipper and it came off super easy.

STEP TWO: Trace around mirror to make pattern.  Cut out 4 layers of your fabric. 
Measure how much elastic you'll need and how tight it should be.  Cut it according to your need. 
 It should hold really tight.

STEP THREE: Cut a square out of two of the fabrics.


STEP FOUR: Cut out felt for softness, to be placed between the fabrics. 

STEP FIVE: Place right sides together of fabrics with square cut out of it.  Sew around the inside square.

STEP SIX: Flip right side out and iron down.

STEP SEVEN: Place felt between both fabrics (the one with the square in it and between the other two fabrics).

STEP EIGHT: Place fabrics together with square fabric on top of the other, with elastic placed in all four centers of each side.  Pin in place.  Sew all around, making sure to catch the elastic and double reinforcing it.

STEP NINE: Flip right side out.  Place mirror inside.

STEP TEN: Loop onto your headrest.  All set!

Hello, dear baby!


Unknown said…
Love this idea - so pretty.

I have just launched a new blog hop The Friday Baby Shower for all things new baby and would love for you to link up - Alice @ Mums Make Lists
annie said…
Looks great. And I love that cute baby smiling in the pic.
What a great idea and you can't bet that price.
Shaffer Sisters said…
What a great baby shower idea, and you can't beat that price! My husband would love that it could be made to match any interior.
Unknown said…
Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Friday Baby Shower. This week's party is now live and would love to see you there - Alice xx
Modern Momma said…
Just a heads up - I'm not sure how safe it is to us a dollar store mirror. It's not safety glass like mirrors specifically designed for viewing your baby. If you get in an accident, the glass could shatter and injure your baby. :(
Unknown said…
You can get a crash-tested, shatter-proof one at WalMart for $10. :/

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