Monster Bags!

I'm continuing with sharing things I made for Christmas.

For my children I made them each a monster bag.

I got the idea from a post I saw last year on Small for Big. 

I thought it was such a cute/easy idea.  And perfect for using up those extra fabric scraps.

Here's how to make them.

1. Fabric
2. Buttons
3. Zippers
4. Quilted fabric 
5. Red felt
6. Black Paint/ paint brush

STEP ONE: Gather up materials needed.

STEP TWO: Cut out fabrics.  
I cut one of my yellow fabrics in half where I was going to add the zipper.

STEP THREE: Get ready to add zipper.
I don't often sew with zippers and for a really wonderful/clear tutorial I followed this one by Make it and Love it.
Zig-zag each end of fabric.  Then base stitch fabrics together.  Fold down and iron.  Add zipper.

STEP FOUR: Sew your zipper in place.

STEP FIVE: Remove tape and unpick base stitch where the zipper is. 

STEP SIX: Place three fabrics together and sew all around edges. 
I wanted to add the quilted fabric so these monster bags would be more sturdy.

STEP SEVEN: Cut out a little tongue made of red felt. 
Hold up place where zipper is and sew on tongue piece.  
This will secure it down and prevent it from getting stuck in the zipper.

STEP EIGHT: Clip edges.

STEP NINE: Turn right side out and iron down.

STEP TEN: Hand sew on buttons for eyes.
Add a teeny dot for eyes.

You could be all done here.  I took a look at my yellow monster and decided it was a little plain.  So I decided to add some fabric paint, using freezer paper to add some chevron lines.

Now I'm All Done!

Then I made two more, each one a little different size.

The kids love 'em.  They can hold all sorts of things.
  Including fun peg people super heroes.


Joanna said…
Oh my gosh these are so cute! I am so going to make some of these for my son! =D And maybe a few extra for gifts for his friends! (Ok, gifts for their moms as my son and his friends are only 17 months old *lol*)
Katrine said…
So cute! These would be great for the legos my son wants to take with him when we go on errands. I found you from 36th Avenue.
Kelly Lynn said…
I love this idea! What a cute little bag to have in the diaper bag. Great fabric choices!
Anonymous said…
Super cute! Now I've just got to get better at sewing to try to make these...
Unknown said…
Oh, these just tickle me - they are so cute! I should make one for my nephew - he would absolutely adore it!
Adorable! I love these & your home tshirts. Since you have captcha on (and it's hard to read!) I am just leaving one comment.

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