The Little Geranium Dress

The other day (Tuesday to be precise) one of my favorite blogs offered a Free Dress Pattern for size 0-3 months.  I could not resist this sweet offer. I've got a one month old who needs a cute little dress.

So yesterday I had some time while all the kids napped and made this darling dress.

I was very excited to give my sewing desk some attention.  It had been turned into a changing table as of late.

But I excitedly cleared it off and used it for it's intended purpose-- sewing!
After I finished sewing I put everything back away and it became a changing table again...

Mostly my sweetie slept while I worked.  But once she woke up, she happily sat in her swing while I finished her dress up.

As promised this dress was, "fun and simple to make, as well as ridiculously adorable ".  

And here we are.


And darling little mini pockets:

And, of course, Darling Little Squishy Baby:


Aubrey said…
Looks great! I also have a one month old I made one of these for! I love that fabric - blue is becoming my favorite color to put my daughter in.
Amanda said…
So cute! I'll have to make one of these up for the little one I'm expecting.
it's adorable, and she is darling. well done
Brittany said…
So cute! I love the little matching headband too!
hungie gungie said…
This is so pretty- I love the color of buttons you chose :). -erin

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