Another Scripture Bag

As Christmas was drawing closer this year my husband and I took an inventory of the gifts for the kids and decided that our two year old needed one more present. We talked about possible things she'd enjoy and concluded that she'd really like her own scripture bag.  During our family scripture reading time she was always stealing her brothers bags and putting her scriptures in them.

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So a couple of weeks before Christmas I wiped her up her very own scripture bag.  When she opened it on Christmas day, she quickly got right up, put her scriptures in it and placed it carefully on the shelf. 
 She knew just what to do.

She loves to take out her scriptures.

Do some reading.

And put them back away, all by herself.  What a cute, big girl.


So cute, love the flower pattern!
annie said…
Darling girl. Cute bag.
What a cute bag! And your daughter is adorable!

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