Matryoshka Doll Art

Here's a little something I made for my parents for Christmas.

Ooh, something non-sewing.

The inspiration for this project was this cute gal.

My parents returned home from their LDS Mission almost exactly a year ago (from the time I handed them their gift).  They spent a year and a half serving the people in Moscow, Russia. They really embraced the culture there and loved the people, the food, and their time there (...though maybe not the weather)

Upon their arrival home they had beautiful hand painted Matryoshka doll (nesting dolls) for all their children.

Looking up at my nesting doll one day I thought it would be a really fun project to paint this darling doll and frame it for their wall.  I was planning on water color, but when digging through my art supplies I came across my oil pastels...and quickly changed my mind.

It was such a fun, quick project.

I knew I wanted a square frame for this project. I found this perfect frame at Michaels.  
Turned out great and my parents loved it.


annie said…
So cute. Love the frame too.

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