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September 6, 2012

The HP Ultrabook Luxury Slouch Bag

I got an email yesterday that among other things read, " Who doesn't love an opportunity to express their creative side... And win cash and great exposure for it? ".

I was instantly curious. I'm always trying to express my creative side-- and win money for it?  That just sounds like a huge bonus.  I'm usually paying money for expressing my creative side.

The email described a contest to design a new bag for the new stylish HP Ultrabook.  Go to this website if you'd like to read more about it.

I had a few hours free last night and quickly the wheels started turning.  I've actually designed two bags before.  They both started with ideas in my head and then I sewed them up-- skipping the actual drawing out part. I really like designing bags and wish I could actually make the bag I designed last night.

Would you like to see it?

ps-- I made these drawings using Paint.  Have I expressed how this is my only favorite option for design?

I started with this bag first-- for my female model.

The second bag I made was a bit more manly, so I drew in a manly mannequin to hang it from. 

Here's my ideas for how the inside should look.

And lastly, some other bag designs.  With all the National Conventions going on lately, I had "I Love America" on my mind, so I had to make a Stars and Stripes bag.

Here's what I wrote up about my bag:

The Luxury Slouch Bag

This over-the-shoulder bag was designed to perfectly compliment the HP Ultrabook, while looking stylish and being comfortable. This bag has a zip-top closer and is made of soft, sustainable leather on the outside and a fabric lining on the inside. The inside includes cell phone and multifunction pockets. The hand has an adjustable 10" drop. The bag measures 10"-Length x 16"-Height


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