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September 11, 2012

How to Sew with Knit Round-UP

It is a proud, proud day here in my home.

After only one year of purchasing this knit material..

Simple?  yes.

Basic?  yes.

Well, you see I bought this this royal purple knit material almost exactly a year ago.  Summer was ending and I wanted a new skirt for the fall.  So I promptly picked up some material.

And there it sat for the next year.


I was scared of that knit material.  I had made one other attempt at knit and it turned out disastrously and ended up in the trash.  Silly me, I didn't know there were rules to follow when using knit.

I was too nervous to pick it back up, until I noticed this influx of "How to Sew with Knit" tutorials and helpful hints.

Loaded with all this great information-- a couple days ago I felt brave enough to try again.

I followed these instructions for my maxi skirt from Elle Apparel.

Results?  So happy/comfy/easy.

FYI-- Yes, I'm pregnant with another baby girl.  Hooray and the skirt can now grow with me!

Anyways, I didn't want all that useful "How to Sew with Knit" posts go to waste-- so I rounded 'em up here.

 1. Up First a favorite from MADE.  

Her post literally gave me the courage to tackle this project.  She doesn't use a serger or a double needle?  Well, shoot that's right up my alley.

2. Up next, Prudent Baby
She explains everything you want to know about sewing with Jersey fabric.

3. I loved this one from Me Sew Crazy.
I literally sewed every single stitch using a piece of tissue paper under my fabric and it totally worked.

4. Lovin the Mommyhood has tips and tricks and a round up of her own.

5. Have you seen the gorgeous patterns from the Oliver + S site?
Well, they have tips for sewing with knits, too. 

6. Up next is SewaHolic

She has a huge list of tips for sewing with knits.

She has a guest blogger explain all kinds of helpful hints.

Well, that's my round-up.  Do you feel inspired?  Or have you been sewing with knits for years?  Either way, I'm happy to be entering the knit fabric sewing world.


annie said...

I am going to look at every single link. I have sewed with knit, but I still think it's a little scary. Cute skirt.

KT said...


Rasmussen Family said...

where did you pick up that gorgeous purple knit? I feel like cute knits are soo hard to come by...came over from someday crafts like up, great work!