The Sunbeam Skirt

Project Run & Play is starting Season 5 this week.

I really wanted to enter this season...but I was literally in between moving across the country and totally missed it.
However, I am excited to join the Flickr Group and to join my projects from there.
Week One's theme was to remake No Big Dill's Very Biased Skirt.
I have no experience with cutting and sewing on the bias, but was excited to try it out.

And though Katy explains that cutting on the bias = no frayed edges... that idea made me nervous.  I hated to go to all the trouble to make this cute skirt and possibly have it all fray away.  So, I made my skirt with folded under edges, so I wouldn't have to worry about fraying fabrics.

Okay, enough talk, here's my skirt:

A closer look at the skirt.

And my darling model the skirt was made for.

 Please come back tomorrow and I'll share my tutorial of how to make this cute Sunbeam Skirt.


very cute skirt (and model)
It is very cute. Fabric on the bias rarely does fray ... but sometimes it will curl up. So your technique will likely wash predictably well.
Ariel said…
I popped over from Somewhat Simple, and I'm glad I did. This is SO cute! I used to run a baby "boutique"(craft shows and online only), and I looooved making baby clothing... I just hated making special orders ;). Your little outfits are a lot cuter than what I used to make though- so sweet!
Liz said…
Oh, this is so very cute! I really love the color yellow for this little skirt!
Adorable! Would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...just posted it!
That is super cute! Fabulous job!
Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse Party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.
Miss Marah said…
I adore this little skirt! I linked to you with a picture of it on my blog here: I hope you don't mind but I really love it!
Bonnie MS

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