The Sunbeam Skirt Tutorial

Hello, again.

Today I'm sharing with you how I made the sunbeam skirt.  
I mentioned two days ago how I had just learned how to sew with knit and I think it's really fun.  So when designing this skirt I decided to go with my new love of knit fabrics.

1. 1/2 yard of knit fabric
2. 1/4 yard of 4 coordinating yellow fabrics
3. Elastic Thread
4. Hair clip

STEP ONE:After washing all your fabrics lay out and prepare to cut. 
 I followed the pattern of a skirt my girl already had.
Fold up the material twice so you can cut once and have two equal pieces.

Don't I have a nice helper?  Your skirt should look like this when you're done.

STEP TWO: Now we need to cut out the material for the waistband.
I measured out 10" x 4".
With right sides together pin the waistband and the skirt.

STEP THREE: Zig-zag stitch waistband together. 
Iron down the seam.
Fold waistband in half.

STEP FOUR: With right sides together straight stitch skirt down both sides.
Iron down seams.

STEP FIVE: Turn skirt inside out.
Place waistband (right side) down inside skirt.
Pin in place.

STEP SIX: Wind elastic thread around bobbin.
Sew to attach waistband to skirt using a straight stitch.
Now the skirt is done.  I opted not to hem the bottom, since it won't be seen and won't fray.

STEP SEVEN: Making the bias layers to wrap around the bottom of the skirt.
Katy from No Big Dill explains how to do this in her tutorial.
I cut 2" strips out of my four different fabrics.

STEP EIGHT: Then I lined all my strips up and sewed them together.
After that I folded my huge long strip (everything now sewn together) in half and ironed it all down.

STEP NINE: Now I attached this long strip to the skirt by sewing it down-- around and around I went.  It made for four layers.

STEP TEN: I had some sheer material that I made into ruffles for the top layer.
I switched the machine to a wide zig-zag and a long stitch and I pushed the sheer materials through and made it all gathered up.

STEP ELEVEN: Sew ruffles on.

How to make the Sun.

STEP TWELVE: To make my big sun, I took one strip of each material, folded it in half and ironed it.  
Then I sewed down the tips into neat points.

STEP THIRTEEN: Almost done.  
I sewed the strips together at the top, then braided the strips together.
Then I took the braid and just worked it into a circle until it made a neat sun shape.
Then I pinned and sewed it to the skirt.


Repeat steps 12 and 13 to make the sun.
With the extra ruffles, I sewed those onto my sun.

Then I hand sewed the back of the sun onto a hair clip.

While I was hanging up this outfit I clipped the hair clip onto the sweater and decided it would also make a really cute broach.

What do you think?


Miss Marah said…
This entire outfit is so incredibly cute! It makes me want to make something just like it for my unborn daughter (she is due in time for christmas) maybe for a spring outfit...wonderful dear! Thank you so much for the tutorial!
Bonnie MS
Brianna said…
I love your skirt. So cute! AND a matching hairbow! I saw it featured on the Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party. Thanks for sharing!
Brianna from Flippin' Delicious
Misaaidaanda6 said…
Just gorgeous, so simple to follow your instructions. Thanks for sharing, I am going to do this for my girls;)

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