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September 7, 2012

How to Call your Missing Cell Phone from Gmail

If you're like me, you've ditched the land line and are now the sole owner of a cell phone to be used for all calling needs.  This works really great since I'm often on the go.

My only complaint of only using a cell phone is on those occasions when husband's gone(with his cell phone) and I'm now home, needing to leave...cell phone-less.

Where did I put that CELL PHONE??!

So I give you...


After hours minutes of searching I usually want to get grumpy.  Who wouldn't?  But worry not, dear friends.  I've got a fool-proof way to call your phone, from your gmail account so you can Find that phone.

Your first question might be, "But, What if I don't have a gmail account?"

And to that I say, "Go get one, it's free."

Okay, now, how to make a call from your newly acquired gmail account.

1st go to this website from Google and click on the Try it now button to get ya started.

Log into your gmail account.
Then on the side of your email you'll see this button at the very bottom, left.

This button enables you to chat-- which I never do.  But after you click on it, you can click on the phone icon.

Over on the very right, bottom side of your screen should pop up a little phone.  Before you can make a call you have to download the voice plugin-- so you can talk.

Before you can make a call you'll receive a call from Google Voice to make sure everything works.
If this is your first attempt at finding your phone, this is a great time to listen-- as google's calling you.

After that first time, then you just dial your numbers and listen for your phone.

I suppose this is also a great resource for calling people in the US and Canada for free.  So when those cell phone minutes are getting low, what a great place to go to talk for free.

Now, If you'll excuse me, I gotta go. 


annie said...


Tricia and Michael said...

its sad how often I do that very thing (like 30 minutes ago).

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

Wow. I need this so bad! I'm constantly getting on FB to see if any of my friends are online to ask them to call my phone so I can find it. Haha

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Totally cool so I pinned this :)