Free Children's Apron Pattern + Tutorial


For my little sweetie's birthday I was busy getting her play kitchen all in order when I realized, "Uh-oh, she doesn't have an apron."  Thus my next project.

If you'd like your own Apron pattern, here it is:

Click HERE for the Pdf.

1. Print off the Apron patterns
2. Fabric
3.Bias tape
4. Velcro
5. Ruffles--optional
6. Clear Vinyl-- optional for extra pocket

STEP ONE:  Print off the apron pattern pages. Cut out and tape together.

STEP TWO: Fold your fabric in half and place on the fold.  Cut out apron and the pocket piece.

STEP THREE: Fold under the top of the pocket piece 1/4" twice and sew under.
I like sewing with this swervy stitch for all my girly projects.

STEP FOUR: Pin the pocket to the Apron and sew in place.

STEP FIVE: Sew to make pockets.

STEP SIX: Pin and sew ruffles to the bottom of the apron.
For the bottom of my apron I had some extra ruffle material that I thought would add a nice girly touch to the apron.  You can do this, or just continue the bias tape around the apron.

STEP SEVEN: Prepare bias tape for the apron. 
 Cut bias tape into three pieces, 52" for the large piece, and two pieces that are 10" each.
I had actually bias tape piping, which I also wanted to use up.  So I just took out the thread and piping and ironed it together.

STEP EIGHT: Pin and sew bias tape around the apron. 
The one large 52" piece will be the straps and the whole top.  Fold the bias tape in half and pin it to the very top middle of the apron piece, continue pinning around the apron and off to the sides to make the straps.
  When sewing start with the left strap and sew together, once you get to the apron piece, make sure the bias tape goes on each side of the apron material. 
After the large bias piece is all sewed down, sew on the two sides with the bias tape.

STEP NINE:  Sew the neck strap on the right side, top of the apron.
Again, I used the extra ruffles I had.  I sewed the ruffles closed first, then sewed it in place. 

STEP TEN: On the left side of the top of the apron attach elastic piece. 

STEP ELEVEN: On the other side of the neck strap attached three pieces of  elastic.
I did this so the apron is adjustable and will grow with her.

STEP TWELVE: Cut, pin, and sew on the front, top pocket.
Of course your top pocket does not need to be made of vinyl, I just thought it'd be fun.  Make sure you sew the top of the pocket before attaching to the apron.

All done!

She really likes all the pockets.


Cute, I love aprons, I have recently made quite a few which you can see on my blog, have a great day.
So cute! Thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)
Oh how cute is that?! And I'm loving the ribbons, they're just perfect. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
I love this! I've been wanting to make an apron for my daughter and this will be the perfect tutorial. I'm also featuring this on my blog tomorrow!
Such a cute project and fantastic tutorial. Megan

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