Valentine's Day Card 2010

 Having children brings out the joy of holidays in me. (Is that a weird sentence?)

What I mean is holidays are a lot more enjoyable when I can experience the fun that that holiday means with my children (-- that's probably not better...why is this so hard?)

Ever since my oldest was little we would make little homemade cards to give to Daddy and Grandparents for Valentine's Day.

These cards usually involved paint and handprints.  I always thought they were very cute.

In the year 2010, however, I discovered Picnik and thought it would be fun to make our Valentine's card digitally.

I got my oldest dressed in his superhero cape and mask.  My youngest was only 16 months and didn't have anything.  But I quickly got out some felt and cut it up so he could have a cape and mask.

Then we went outside for a semi-warm February day.

Here's the card I made for everyone, including cousins.

You can tell I was intrigued by the fun new font options.  This one's a little hard to read but it says, "Have a Super-Heroee Fantastic Valentine's Day"

This second photo has always made me laugh, because despite my baby being so little, he was always keeping up with his big brother.

I made this extra photo just for Daddy.


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