Each year for the last 4 years I've been teaching adults and teens with cognitive disabilities a six- week art program.  Each week I come prepared to teach them a new art concept, technique, or learning about a specific artist. For the next two week I'll be taking a look back at some of my favorite lessons (that I've taken pictures of-- I didn't always bring my camera).

For every year I've taught these art classes I've always incorporated self-hardening clay for our last lesson. The first year I taught with the class I pretty much let the participants explore the clay and I went around and helped them with whatever they wanted to make.

The next year I was excited to teach with clay again and decided I better do a better job making sure I had a more solid lesson planned.  Enter this really neat lesson I found on Kinderart.

I came prepared with pictures of superheros and Disney characters that the participants could look at to design their head after.  This lesson turned out So awesome!  I was really proud of everyone's work.

Here's Snow White:

This one's Batman:

(This might be my favorite) This is the Hulk:

And here's two Sheriff Woody's:

After a week of drying we painted the heads.

I loved how they turned out. Here's my group of artists.


Unknown said…
This is a really lovely idea. Well done you and Congratulations to your brilliant artists!

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