100-Eyed Monster

Today is my boy's 100th day of school.  Wow, time really flies fast.

While trying to decide what to have him bring to share with his class I remembered this post by Simply Modern Mom.

I thought it would be really fun to have him wear a 100-eyed monster shirt, too.

However, I decided to make it all on felt, and then I would baste stitch it onto the shirt (then take it off when he was done wearing it).

However, (surprisingly) he did Not want to wear this crazy looking monster on his shirt-- but he did want to make it still.

So we made his monster for him to share with the class.

The Directions are very simple.  

1. Cut out monster shapes out of felt.

2. Count out 100 eyes (or eyes and dots, in our case, since we didn't have enough eyes).  We made 10 piles of ten.

3. Add glue dots and glue eyes and dots down.

4. Make spooky 100-eyed monster faces.

Once we were done we wrote three clues on a paper bag so the class could guess what 100 items he brought.  I wonder if they'll guess it right.


KT said…
Um, you just blew our 100 smarties right to pieces.
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Love the monster, my daughter would probably like to make this...yes daughter, she likes boy stuff, lol:)
momto8 said…
what a fun project for you to do! and it came out GREAT! good for you all!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
Unknown said…
My daughter loves this! Thank you so much for linking up to my first link party last Friday! Party #2 is live, and I would love for you to come link up something new!


Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

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