Down in the Front

I was contacted by a Very important client (my good buddy from High School) to produce a painting of the Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Temple for her to give to her Husband (who served his mission there) for Valentines Day.

She had Three very specific requests:

1. She wanted the painting to be straight, dead one.
Not like this one

2. She wanted the painting to be done of the Temple in the day light.
Not like this one.

After some searching I came across this beautiful photograph.  Fit the bill perfectly!

3. Her third request was for me to add, " a little tiny guatemalan lady or two in front. In little traditional guatemalan clothing ."

Then she attached this photograph....

View corte3.jpg in slide show

What?  I protested thoroughly.  

But she was adamant.  She wanted a Guatemalan lady!

After some more research I came across this lovely lady.

She would do and-- score-- she was even walking up the street-- easy to replicate walking up stairs.

I contacted both photographers and asked for their permission to use their photographs as a reference for my painting.

They both agreed, asking to see a photo when the project was complete.

A week ago I started my painting-- getting the sketches down.

I still was not sure a woman walking up the steps to the Temple would look right.

Right after I started-- I began to doubt this was what she meant.

I took some quick photos and emailed them to her to get her opinion.

Her response?

She loved it!  There was even talks of stifling a scream (as she was at work) upon viewing my photos.

Encouraged I decided to continue this project as requested-- Guatemalan lady up front.

I finished her painting a couple days ago.

And you know what?

I really like that Guatemalan lady in the front.

 Such a fun painting!

Thanks for the project, K!


Katie said…
wow- i sound like a total psycho! :) i really love it, thanks again!! you are the best!
You do not sound like a psycho. You sound like a girl that knows what she wants.

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