Primary Program Reward Chart Display - Ice Cream Party!

We are down to a few weeks left until our Primary Program (yay!).  We've have a bit of a rough start, but the kids have been amazing and through it all, they have been cheerful and happy to sing.

As time drew nearer I was excited to make up this little reward chart to keep us motivated to make sure we've learned all our songs.  Here's how to make your own. 

Materials Needed
Thick poster board (Dollar store)
print off ice cream pages (free-- found here)

Step one: Print off ice cream pages and write your song names. 
 If you want, run each page through the laminator and cut each ice cream out.

Step two: Mark on your poster board, how to make your chart.  
Depending on how many songs you have.  We have 11. 
So I planned for six on the front and five on the back.

Step Three:  Write out the words, "Let's Being" on the bottom strip.  "Almost there" on the second strip.  "Good to go" on the top strip.

If you want color each strip.  I enlisted my eight year old for help.

Step four: Write out at the top, "I sing.  U sing. We all sing for ice cream!" on the front using just markers.

Add an ice cream on top to be cute.

Step five: Add your ice cream songs.  That's it!

Learn those songs!

In November we'll be stepping outside to enjoy some simple drumstick ice cream cones.  Considering the safety precautions we need to make, this seemed like a great option.



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