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October 19, 2021

Another Building Block Dress

This is a bit of a throwback, to a dress I sewed in 2019.  The occasion was a wedding! 

 All these sweet little cousins were asked to wear a Navy blue dress to their Aunt's wedding.  I bought two maxi dresses for the big sisters, but needed something for baby.  

Really I wanted a maxi dress for baby...but no one makes maxi dresses for babies.  They're completely unpractical, they can't crawl, walk, or move much with a dress tripping them up on the ground.

But, of course, I can always make one, I thought. 

I pulled out my trusty Building Block Dress Book and got planning. I turned the back buttons to the front, wanting to feature these cute "diamond" buttons ( I cut out of an old cardigan). I picked a simple sleeve, added a ribbon, and lots of length to make it floor length...yep, even on a baby.

I choose a really thick knit fabric with had a really nice drape to it.  The result was perfect (albeit a little long, per design).  She matched her sisters and family perfectly. 

Fast-forward two years later, she's still wearing this dress.  Still a perfect fit!  

I often add a lot of length to whatever I'm sewing for the kids, wanting them to last a bit longer -- but who would have guessed this dress would still fit perfectly having gone from a baby to a "big kid".  

She's gotten a lot sillier over the years, but still my little sweetie!


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