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October 30, 2021

Calvin and Hobbes Costumes! Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021 brings us none other than....Calvin and Hobbes!

An absolute family favorite in this home. 

This journey began years and years ago as their uncle every Christmas gifted the kids a new Calvin and Hobbes book. Presently, they have them all and literally read them every. single. day. 

When it came time to pick costumes, the kids wanted to try a family theme and everyone easily picked their favorite!


For this costume, I painted black stripes on a red shirt I bought and purchased some black shorts.  Spike up the hair and its good to go.

Hobbes was one of my complicated of this year.  I made up the pattern to make this tiger suit.  It was important to be that he had a dropped waist to make that big tummy.  I made it from orange felt, white fur and once it was all sewn, painted on the black stripes. The felt sucked up the paint and painting took hours and hours!

I also sewed up this little Spaceman Spiff costume.  I basically made a shirt and pants and added yellow accents. The fabric is soft, thin knit.  I attached black cardboard around his glasses. 

 Dad and Mom get points for being the easiest to recreate!  J basically wore a typical work outfit and I added a $1 pair of glasses from the dollar store.  My outfit was created from my closet.

Cute Susie.  I sewed her little purple overalls and grabbed shirts from her closet. 

Moe's costume was a big, black t-shirt and shorts from his drawers.  Don't forget that hair combed in the face. 

And lastly, the sweetbabysitter Rosalyn.  I bought a cute sweatshirt and paired it with clothes we had.  A side pony and she was set! 


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