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November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018!

Yay, Halloween has come and gone.  One of my favorite holidays since having children.

Let's take a look at what everyone was wearing!

Up First, a sweet, little, baby:

Each of my baby girls have worn this cute lamb costume, which my brother-in-law gave us for our oldest daughter. I Love it!

Up next, our Fireman!  This boy has been many things this year.  But last minute, due to the constant rain all day, we pulled out his rain boots and realized, "Hey, he's got a full costume that's warm and waterproof.  Let's do it!"

At two, he's still not totally sure what's going on.  If you ask him what he is for Halloween, he'll tell you, "I puppy."

I told the kids we're going real simple this year.  We're actually going to dig in the Halloween bucket this year and I'm not making anything!  

Well, this girl had her heart SET on being Princess Peach.  How could I say no?

So, with a teeny bit of sewing and $5 worth of purchased fabric, I turned her pink church dress into a Princess Peach costume.

For some reason she didn't want to be any of the costumes her sister has was (ex: a scary bat, a scary pirate, a scary skeleton, a peacock). 

And here's her sister now!  Introducing! 

This girl is half way through Harry Potter, book 2 and she is LOVING IT!  Hermione was an easy choice.  Even if I didn't tell everyone to pick an old costume, I'm sure she would have picked this.  She is really loving these magical books.

Once she put on her brother's old white shirt/tie/vest and my church skirt rolled up, she looked in the mirror and told me, "Hey, this looks really cool!  Can I wear this to school tomorrow?" 
 I think she'd love the preppy uniform look.

If you read my blog last year you remember we had a real fun Chewbacca costume, which I sewed.  This year, we took off the bag, added two ears and a bear tail and called it good!  Hello, 

I had to practically FORCE him to wear this bear nose.  He wasn't too keen on wearing face paint.  But I think it really helped pull off the look. 

One minute before this picture was taken he remembered the Black Panther claws he had and added them to his costume, which turned out pretty cool!

My oldest wasn't quite sure what he was going to be.  About a week before Halloween he decided he'd like to be Percy Jackson, which is basically just a kid that sometimes wears an orange camp half-blood shirt. 

I bought an orange shirt and asked my friend if she could print me out that cool detail on her circuit machine.  It turned out great!  And super easy for me.

And of course, "Cool Action Shots".

The night before Halloween we cut out our pumpkins. 

Two of our kids have had a "decorate a pumpkin as a book character" assignment.  With a little paper mache and paint, we've made some pretty cool characters over the years.



Sara Hendricks said...

I love the "cool action shots" cut away to the baby getting into the candy!!!

@lliE from FreshlyCompleted said...

Ha, HA! I like that, too!