Articles of Faith Large Candy Wrappers -- Free Printable

This past year our Primary has been working on memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith
There are many ways to do it, but here's how we organized everything.

When we introduced the idea to our primary children we gave them these Article of Faith cards from distribution.  They were really beautiful and great quality!
Image for Articles of Faith, Card from LDS US Store

We also gave the children these Article of Faith punch trackers to keep for their own record. We printed them as photos and had each child write their own name with Sharpie on the front.

As we passed out these two things we warned the children that these were not replaceable if they were lost (which inevitable, many were). 

Each month (for 13 months) we would sing one of the Article of Faith songs in order, for our opening song.  On the first Sunday of each month we would discuss the newest AoF and what it meant. We encouraged the children, with the help of their families, to work on memorizing these at home. Then we told them of the rewards for memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith.  Each number memorized would earn the child a small treat (dum-dum or mini candy) and a punch in their card.

Once all 13 Articles of Faith were memorized we gave each child a large Hershey's Candy Bar.  I made these wrappers to go over each candy.

Want to make your own?

Click HERE for your FREE printable 
Article of Faith Bar Wrapper

1. Print off Articles of Faith Bar Wrappers
2. scissors + glue
3. One large candy bar per child.

Print off and cut out the Articles of Faith Candy Bar Wrapper.

Fold each dotted line in, smooth down with a pen to get crisp edges.
Place candy bar inside.

Place a small amount of glue on the small edge of the bar wrapper.
Smooth down, all done!

Once we handed each child their bar, we took them to the hall and took their picture with their Article of Faith chocolate reward.  We had them printed with their name and date written on the front. 

Then we posted the photos to our 13 Articles of Faith board in our Primary room.

(I unblurred only my children's faces.)

This is just to give you an idea of what it looked like all together.  

We have a very large primary and more than half of the children were motivated to learn these Articles of Faith.  
We were so proud of them!

I love the simple, clear truths that these precious children can learn about their faith at such a young age.

For an Article of Faith paper tracker, go here.


Ckaz Dean said…
Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

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