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September 25, 2017

Swingset Skirt II

With another birthday here and gone, that means birthday sewing.  

This year I sewed my girl another Swingset skirt.

I used a sturdy cotton, quilting fabric for the main skirt and a gold lining fabric for the lining.  
And this time I lined the hem with adorable pom-poms.

I sewed this newly seven year old a size seven and the fit was perfect!

Enjoying the pumpkins from our garden.

I really love the swingset skirt pattern, the skirt is so twirly and beautifully constructed.


mamidesofiona said...

I LOVE trim on skirts! And the fabric is so beautiful too. Love it.

Bridget said...

It’s so pretty! Great job with the Pom Pom trim too, it is so sweet. :)

Project Run & Play said...

My girls love the Swingset skirt pattern too!