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September 20, 2017

All Day Shirt Pattern for Men

A couple months ago I was really thrilled to be collaborating with Liesl from Olive + S again.

This week she is releasing many wonderful button down shirts for women, men, and children, on her site, be sure to check it out.

When I was asked to be a pattern tester for her new Men's button down shirt, the All Day Shirt, I jumped at the chance!  My husband wears this style of shirt literally 6 days a week. 

The shirt came out amazing! 
 It had absolutely every wonderful detail a shirt purchased from a store would have, including a dress collar with collar stays (I made my collar stay from a clear yogurt lid) and options for pockets with button flaps, plus other custom ideas included in the pattern.

image1.JPG   image2.JPG

This shirt is a size XL and I didn't change or modify the pattern at all.  It fits perfect! 

He's an especially big fan of the long sleeves, stores never seem to make them long enough.

How thrilling it was to actually do some sewing for my husband!
  Every time he wears this shirt (often) I get so thrilled that I sewed it for him. 
All around a great fit and wonderful pattern.  
Another home-run, Liesl!

You can purchase the All Day Shirt Here.

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