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December 10, 2014

3 Little Christmas Things

I love this time of year.  It's been busy, for sure, but also joyous and happy.

I just wanted to share with you three little things that I've put together.

Up first: Our Christmas Card!  
Remember how I teased you with all the lovely Minted card options?

Well, here's the one we chose.  My friend had taken a lot of fun pictures of the family and this card was an excellent way to showcase them all.

I LOVE the print quality and design of Minted cards.  They are like no others!  
And the self addressing aspect can't be beat!

Up Second:  Remember my easily changeable burlap wreath?

Well, I spent about $2.00 and changed it from fall to Christmas themed.  It probably took five minutes tops.  I secured the backs with twist ties.

I love the simple change.

Up Last:  You know how I'm always changing up my chalkboard.  I love finding new ideas that match the season.

This simple design was inspired by Creative Kismet.

Happy Holidays!  
What fun things are you working on?

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