Easily Changeable Burlap Wreath

I finally made a wreath for our front door.  My first one ever.  I spent a lot of time last year, especially during the holiday season, talking about going out and buying a wreath for the door.  Then when push came to shove, I'd show up at the store, with my coupon, and declare them too expensive or too not my style.  

Well, this year I finally mustered the courage and jumped on the wreath train.  That's a thing, right?

I started the activity with this freshly lit candle and it really set the mood to bring on the Fall season (something I usually never wish for-- I love Summer.)

Plus, I already had some burlap material on hand, so I was halfway there.

Here's how I did it.

STEP ONE: I bought this wire wreath for $3 and three fall colored, flower arrangement leafy things for $2 each. Then I rounded up my burlap material, hot glue gun, and scissors.

STEP TWO: Cut the burlap into three inch wide stripes.

STEP THREE:  Hot glue the burlap to itself around one wire.  Then weave the burlap over and under the wires to the top.  Then pull the burlap up and twist and puff as you go.

STEP FOUR:  I folded the burlap like so (left picture) into wide stripes so I could pull it in and out of the wire.  As I fed it through I tugged and pulled and twisted the burlap as I went. 
 Just play with it until it look good to you.  I went up and down, in and out of each section about four times, before moving to the next section.

Since I made my own burlap ribbon all the ends frayed, which I really like the look of.  If you buy burlap ribbon you won't get this effect.

All done!  Easy.  This is easily a 30 minute or less project.

STEP FIVE:  The last thing to do is add your decorations to the side.  I am planning on changing up my decorations to match the season, so I didn't permanently put anything in place.  I just poked the leafy things through and wired them to the back.  The flower came with a alligator clip, which was very handy!

Lovely, I love how simple this was and how charming it looks.

Thanks to my cute door holder so I could see it properly.  It will be resting between our front door and glass/screen door.

I'm already dreaming up my Christmas plans for this wreath.


KT said…
This is really cute and even seems like something I could handle, in about 5 years. But I like it lots and I want it lots.
You should try it, KT. Surely you've got a free 30 minutes somewhere-- Right??
Sissy Newell said…
Very cute and creative!

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