Halloween Costumes 2013: X-Men Edition

Happy Halloween, everyone!

As promised the boys got to be what they wanted this year for Halloween.

This little guy chose first to be:

Consequently this guy decided he would be:

And our adventure begins.

The humans are protected for one more day.

These outfits were made from shirts/sweats/fabric paint and felt.

Tutorial on how to make the claws here.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Hope it's sunny and warm.  Our Halloween has been rained out--- which means the whole city is going to do their trick-or-treating tomorrow.  Crazy, huh?


annie said…
Awesome, even though I don't really know who Wolverine or Cyclops are......Also, I'm kind of seeing a "giant bacon tongue" coming out of Cyclops' face, is that his super power?
...."Giant Bacon Tongue"????


Those are Obviously Lasers...not bacon...

sheesh. bacon.
annie said…
Oh gotcha. Lasers.

(Bacon lazers).

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