Halloween Costume 2013: What does the Bat say?

I finished up all the costumes yesterday.  
Yes, two days early-- score.

Up first:

"Oh, NO.  What's that black thing?"
  "I think I see something flying super fast in the woods."

"Yikes!  It's a bat!"

"I hope it's friendly.  'Cause here it comes."

 " Yes, Bat-Bat, we are scared."

"Hey, Bat-Bat, what's that you've found-- a rolly-polly on your Jack-O-Lantern?"

"Oh, you really love rolly-pollys."

Here's the DEAL with Halloween.  This year I promised my husband I would have no say in what the kids were going to be for Halloween.  Pretty much every other year I've dictated suggested what everyone should wear and of course, having themes I think is awesome.  But this year we decided to go theme-less and just follow the kid's lead.

This girl came up with 20+ ideas.  Eventually she landed on a scary bat, named Bat-Bat.  Her last suggestion was Spiderman, which I quickly vetoed. 

But a cute scary bat?  Yes, I could do that.

I had remembered Dana from Made's post that they did two years ago and made the wings very similar to hers.

Then using my Little Things to Sew book, fixed up a cute scary hat from the cozy winter hood pattern.

Here's some of the changes I made:

My cute little bat is super happy with it all.  I made the hood out of super soft fabric from Jo-Anns.  She loves how "cozy" it is.  This girl loves pretend and I'm sure this outfit is going to be worn often--which makes this sewing Mama happy.


Laura said…
Very cute little bat, great job!
Over The Apple Tree

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